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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

It helps to know things. To be able to recall something that can be of value in this present moment. Perhaps a past component of a product that is relevant here. Or an element of service previously rendered that might be useful there. Or something about the market in general, or customer in particular, that empowers going that extra mile to be of value.

A question of value

Because value is ultimately what it is about no? That the real product is not this software or shoe, the real service is not that specialist advise or expertise. These are nominal. And the real product or service is the value of these nominal products or services to whomever they benefit. It can be commercial, social, or educational benefit for a client. And it can be be some combination of physical, mental or emotional benefit for their customers or employees as end users.

This combination of value and recipient is the thing, first and always. And it is what matters at each level of the value chain; keeping in mind the end user as the lowest common denominator - or what we mean at Phoenyx by the phrase "in service to us all". And any relevant knowledge that helps to deliver this value moment to moment is itself of value. And it is of value however it is acquired.

So then, Smart Growth

Smart Growth is ultimately about being better at being of service. In terms of a capacity to serve more people. In terms of serving people more efficiently. And in terms of doing both as an ongoing concern. Yet day to day it is simply about given the best of ourselves to others using the value cycle as a particular focal point.

And for this knowledge helps. It can be knowledge from an innate curiosity that feed researchs on an ad hoc basis. Or it could be knowledge from making research a personal and profession habit. A sort of conscious, and intentional, self-education. Or it could be knowledge from the habit of observing, reflecting, or reminiscing on our professional experiences.

Knowledge, in service to value, in service to us all

However we come by it, it helps to know things in proportion to their serving a particular purpose. And beyond the bells and whistles of a product or service, Smart Growth asks that this knowledge relate to what is valuable, or to what matters, to those we cater to.


Steven Faseyiku

Founding Partner | Phoenyx

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