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Beyond strategy, we make things happen.

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Our clients rely on our expertise when the corporate or business unit strategy is defined, and they need support to get the best out of their client relationships, their projects, or their improvement initiatives.

Our work in client services includes alongside teams across the UK, Italy, France, and Sweden. While our work in project management, contract management, and improvement, has been alongside teams in the UK, Singapore, and Norway, and China. Our remit is of remarkable people realising they were not alone.

Expertise Areas

Creative Office

Winning & Managing Clients

With over ten years' experience we help our clients to discover and deliver for their clients - towards growth, innovation and sustainable economic performance.

Typical services include

  • Sales and client services strategy advisory.

  • Discovering and securing high value client transactions.

  • Sales and client service individual and group training programmes.

Value creating projects

Projects are a critical element of companies' evolution and path to growth. We manage as well as support essential projects for the group or business unit strategy.

Typical services include

  • Project and contract management.

  • Stakeholder Onboarding.

  • Project Research & Due Diligence.

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Transformation and Improvement

Continuous improvement and adaptation are inevitable objectives for any organisation seeking long-term prosperity. We have extensive experience helping clients implement both large-scale transformations and incremental improvements to increase competitiveness in the short and longer term.

Typical services include

  • Organisational design and implementation, including governance structures

  • Lean Manufacturing and cost reduction processes.

  • Performance improvement programmes.

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