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Reflection #1

I am speaking to a client couple when I get a curious feeling. It is something about the teasing banter of their interactions. It feels... comfortable. He teases, she rolls her eyes. She teases, he winks. And we all laugh.

To some extent they reminded me of my partner and I. And it feels amusing observing as a spectator. Yet more than that, it is an urge to deliver. For them as our clients, but also for these people so much like myself. And I wonder that maybe that sense of purpose is partly where imagination comes from.

It is sometimes easy to think purpose is based on rational thought processes. On careful evaluation and analysis appealing to the broadest range of imagination. But I think the truth we all know is frequently we are actuated by things more visceral. By strong feelings that both compel us to act and give us direction on how to do so.

Sometimes we understand where it comes from, through careful reflection using the aforementioned processes. Sometimes we don't, nor do we always need to. If our purpose is in service to others, and our delivery is moderated by empathy this can sometimes be enough. Rationality then provides a framework for balanced judgement and discipline.

I believe this to be the essence of client services. That whatever our motives to deliver, whatever the proportion of rational and visceral, our delivery blends empathy, imagination, and discipline. The rest is sustained action through time - the aggregate of which forms the basis of our 7 years of experience.


Phoenyx Luxury

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