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The practical case for app development

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Digital platforms are most successful at achieving their intended goals when built around around existing processes, transactions, teams, and customers. The reason is nothing better conveys the compelling need for the platform, as the circumstances and challenges of existing alternatives.

Against external competing alternatives, yes. But also against other options within the business, where contextual information is most accurate. Information around existing manual processes perhaps, or manual-digital hybrids, used by teams or with their customers.

Pre-existing systems and processes convey certain signals and information about user behaviour. They also form the most authentic user stories. And they hint at authentic ways to capture value with regards to UI and UX design. They define features and functionality clearly, based on actual user stories and in so doing enhance value propositon.

By way of a client example is software development built on the foundation of 7 years of established systems and clients, for stategic and operational project management. Or a startup SaaS based on tried and tested processes, fully manual or semi-digitised. Our clients define the practical purpose, we take care of the rest.

Steven & Pierre

Edinburgh | Lisbon | Geneva

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