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Doing things and doing them better.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Someone smart once said to create value we need to know our output, to define and control its relevant inputs. I find it is a different way of saying achieving anything requires intelligent movement in its direction. Or defining the purpose of anything, to execute and monitor the activities for achieving it.

The value, or purpose, is usually clear. The value of a product or a service, for example. In a start up, starting as simple as possible tends to give an equally clear sense of what needs to be done. In an established business this becomes the product value chain, or service value cycle.

In both cases the activities are like an interlinked checklist or to-do list. The challenge is in executing the items on this list. In improving how well things are done over time. In learning to love to execute and to improve. And in making as into second nature.

Doing things right, given the value, tends to require the habit of sustained action. Based on imagination, time, and experience. Doing them better over time requires these and more. It requires committment to understanding, controlling, and improving these actions. It requires a practical system for an improvement mindset - and this is what Phi is.


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