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In service to us all

I am listening to Juan Luis Guerra's "Si tu no bailas comigo". It is a beautiful song, an all time favourite. It is also one of those songs that, put simply, soothes the spirit. So in listening to it I am struck by how instrumental (forgive the pun) that technology is in bringing me such solace.

I am listening through wireless headphones after all. On a smart device through which I can access Spotify. None of these were available 20 years ago. Back then discovering this song would have been unlikely in the first instance. In the second it would have required less mobile or unwieldy hardware - and of a poorer quality of sound.

In this moment the imaginations of others collaborates to bring me one of my life's greatest pleasures - that of listening to music. This is as true for my smartphone as for the Discman of times past. And it reminds me on the one hand that this is what technology is; the creative minds of others in service to us all.

On the other hand it also reminds me that Phoenyx Tech's legacy is ultimately to deliver for such creative minds. To deliver software solutions as the end product of creative expression; in service to learning, to business, to art, and to culture.


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