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  • Steven Faseyiku

Through time

I think one of the biggest lessions to be learnt anywhere is that doing things consistently, over time, brings results. Miyamoto Musashi once observed it takes 1,000 day to learn and 10,000 days to master. Assuming he meant it literally this would mean roughly 3 years of experience to achieve through learning, 30 years through mastery - roughly the durations of time spent in University and in any profession.

These timelines are arbitrary. If they cohere with University and profession it is likely coincidence. But, assuming consistent effort, things do take time. My personal experience in life and business has been that it takes between 6 months to a year to get the hang of something. To begin to feel a link between what is being done and what it brings about. To find a comfortable rhythm for it.

Then it takes anything from there up to 5 years to really feel on the path to mastery - where the doing and the results are as much about instinct as they are about carefully built structures and processes for doing things. Where we follow a practical framework for delivering client services, yet frequently operate according to ''thought patterns that can't always be translated into words''. It's been 9 years and yet the journey continues.

And there is something right about it. About the idea that only through applying ourselves through time do we get really good at something. Certainly it is consistent with much that we see around us. In business anything we call innovation almost always requires a number of tries to get it right. Or the confidence we feel in our health practitioners, partly due to the time we know they have spent in learning their vocation.

More than these it feels right when we look to our own experiences. Think of anything you are good at. I mean really good at. Imagine the first time you did it, compare it with the last time, and think of all the iterations along the way. In proportion to the scale of what it is the iterations could take years or month. Maybe even just week. But it is that neverending cycle of effort over a period of time. It always is.


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