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Tech is people

When we think of technology our minds likely go to hardware and software most times. And rightly so, too, perhaps. To laptops, smartphones and other gadgets on one hand. To the myriad platforms and apps that make our lives better on the other. We think of hardware and software and if we do we're certainly not wrong.

Yet something lies behind both hardware and software. Something simpler and more powerful; the human mind at work. Right? Imagine that every bit (pardon the pun) of every gadget is the product of someone else's imagination. That as individuals or as a team the story of tech is the story of human minds coming together. From designers, through to developers, and down to end users as creators or consumers.

When we view tech as being of people it leads to interesting perspectives. First, that those creating tech solutions are as those using these solutions. So every tech is not only useful (subjectively speaking), it is also inspirational - encouraging us all to see how we can serve each other. One piece of tech stimulates others in a never ending value cycle that benefits us all commercially, socially and or educationally.

Second, we start to view tech more empathically. As a tool of people, by people, and for people. We are mindful that those that make and use tech are just as we are. And recognising this leads us to ask questions of ourselves as individuals. Questions that define our relationship with the tech, and through it with everyone around us. In this way every piece of technology becomes the socio-empathic responsibility of every one of us, everytime, everywhere.


Phoenyx Tech

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