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Journal Entry #1 - Smart Growth

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Smart growth is realising that a service or a product is a coherent value cycle with two parts. Part one is of dialogue and discovery, and the opportunities they create. It is about intelligent conversations at the outset, to define purpose or value from the first customer interaction - whether via a website, social media, or direct contact.

Value is everything

Because value is a nexus of our needs as a society and the scope for meeting these needs. Meeting them based on brand imagination, experience, and personality. Or what I like to call the melting pot of need, know-how, and no-how. The value is simply how these things combine into an outcome.

Then part two is of deploying and delivering this value. Is it the seamless customer signup and ease of watching on the Netflix platform. Or is it the seamless process of acquiring, and lifetime value of wearing, a pair of Church's shoes. Or is it the deployment of a digital platform to replace legacy software.

Whatever the context it is about careful attention to the things that matter. And translating these things into habits that deliver consistent outcomes.

Systems (or habits) decide outcomes

The honest truth is that outcomes are not defined directly. Particularly with regards to how people use, misuse, or don't use a product or service. The dynamics of too many interrelated things mean there are always unknowns and unforeseens. The key is to spotlight the habits, of imagination and efficiency, that influence the broadest portion of the outcome. And to roll with the rest.

Smart Growth the Phoenyx way

So smart growth is about Phoenyx models for enhancing dialogue, discovery, deployment, and delivery, of any value cycle. Excellence is everything. And the name of the game, for revenue growth or operational efficiency, is the right habits for keeping each story consistent and consistently improving, one Phoenyx project at a time.

Steven Faseyiku

Founding Partner | Phoenyx

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