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Phoenyx: An Introduction.

The vision of Phoenyx is imaginative intelligent effort in service to remarkable people. Intelligent effort here means project management, client services and investment. It means financial capital, time, propietary frameworks, attention, operational models, late nights, and early mornings. And I define remarkable people simply as anyone with a practical purpose in service to us all.

Once again, Phoenyx is about intelligent effort applied structure and imagination. In this regard it is perhaps similar to any other firm. After all William Coase in 1937 defined a firm as transactions of people under central supervision - of a business owner or his or her agents. We can define these transactions as intelligent effort that realise the owners vision. Where profit is simply one of many benchmarks of sustainable performance.

Assuming these to be true then Phoenyx is like any other business. Unlike other businesses however Phoenyx is a function of mine and Pierres mindset and backgrounds. My background is 9 years of client services in luxury retail, alongside investment. Pierre's background is 9 years in project management and improvement, in the aerospace and marine industries.

Phoenyx is an amalgamation of our backgrounds. And what makes Phoenyx different is what makes us different as individuals; our experiences and observations as they affect our choices on how to do things, and the real impact of these choices. Phoenyx is our approach to project management, improvement, client services, and investment - for and in our partners, their teams, and their clients.

Phoenyx Advisory is about project management and improvement. Phoenyx Luxury is about client services and improvement. And Phoenyx Tech is about project management and client services in Software development. And each of these have private or public equity investments. or a capital investment such as Phi, our propietary platfrom for project management - for Phoenyx partners and beyond.

Pierre and I are based in Edinburgh. It is home for us and for our partners. Yet it has been a pleasure to support remarkable people Edinburgh, Glasgow, Portsmouth, and London. And we currently expanding into Geneva and Lisbon where we have ties - of culture, friends, and family. Of people that are individual and individually remarkable.

And so if you run a trading Start up, a Scale-up, or an SME. And if you require project management, client relationship management, or improvement services. It would be a pleasure to have a conversation. For larger public or private organisations we have access to executive coaching talent including former CEOs of established multinationals. We might be able to help. Or we might not. Always it is a pleasure to have a conversation.


Phoenyx Group

Edinburgh | Geneva | Copenhagen

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