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People as Software Development

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

A computer (or computing device) is essentially the amalgation of hardware and software. And it is curious that the term, originally coined as far back as the 1600s, referred to people; those that undertook to calculate things on behalf of others.

I believe it is only in the 1900s that the term moved away from humans to refer to mechanical devices. This was by way of references including to the as yet unbuilt Analytical Engine in the late 1800s. I find it curious because I'm a student of history (otherwise read as a history geek).

But it is also curious to me because it is a timely reminder that our minds are the origins of technology. That digital evolution is simply a function of our boundless mental capacity, and that people will always remain at the heart of all software development - as end clients, project managers, designers and developers.


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