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Empathy & Development

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Managing delivery of any digital platform is partly about perspective. From clients and from our development team. There are obvious questions for requirements, features, and user stories, yes. But behind these there is a commercial, social, and or educational purpose - the platform is its vehicle, a vital means to this valuable end.

Looking at the platfrom from this standpoint, then, is about asking nuanced investment questions. Questions beyond the superficial levels of theoretical buyers, sellers, and transactions. It includes questions to understand the essential processes and perceptions, by which our clients' teams deliver for their customers, based on the examples of experience.

An invaluable service, an intangible luxury element, a distinctively efficient component. Something about our clients that resonates within their teams, and with their customers. These are all part of the Phoenyx Tech discovery as they influence features and functionality. We get from our clients, and we take care of the rest. It is the essential element that makes delivery of any mobile, or web application software intrinsically unique and infinitely rewarding.

Steven & Pierre

Edinburgh | Lisbon | Geneva

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