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Building a Digital Platform

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The first step

Mine and Pierre's first question at the outset of building a digital platform is its purpose. Which goes beyond concepts. Beyond perceptions and predictions of how it might evolve over time. Concepts matter, so does evolution, but they are not the purpose.

The purpose is the platform's tangible usefulness to its users today. Based on past and ongoing engagement with these users - teams, suppliers, or customers. It is value already delivered for these users, that the platform can advance. Its tangible proof of concept if you like.

Purpose first and always

This is true for initial platforms and subsequent feature builds. Both are based on actual usefulness from previous versions (manual process or market alternatives for initial prototypes, for example). So each platfom is an added chapter to a cohesive value story.

Value, as present and previous use of earlier versions, is the most compelling case for any platform or new build. It defines the platform's purpose in a clear and obvious way. And it forms a concise roadmap for UI and UX logic based on actual user stories and preferences.

The Phoenyx Remit

Without these the platform ends up being about guesses and suppositions. It becomes largely speculative and runs a high risk of including costly features that are not needed. Or excluding valuable features that are. The platform becomes inelegant, at worst irrelevant.

And so at the early stages of software development, we offer our services to help frame the platform's purpose. To define this purpose and make it concrete. And to explore solutions based on past experiences and external research, prior to any development commitments.

Steven Faseyiku

Client Accounts | Phoenyx

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