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Phoenyx Advisory is the advisory arm of the Phoenyx Group. We control, improve, and or implement essential operational processes according to well defined goals. This includes:

  1. Quantifiable analytics into essential operational processes.

  2. Control and improvement guidance with measures for tracking.

  3. Working together to implement our recommendations step by step.

  4. Empowering clients with support services provided by vetted partners, where needed.

Our process improvement services are backed by 7 years experience of strategic and operational project management and improvement, alongside the prestigious Lean Six Sigma accreditation.

The Advisory Remit

Phoenyx Insight

  • Discovery: Clear outlines and timelines for your goals.

  • Dialogue: A careful understanding of your business, people, and processes.

  • Analysis:  Process mapping to quantify bottlenecks and recommmend guidelines.

Phi Improvement

  • Implement: Monitor projects in real time together, according to our guidelines.

  • Optimise: Continously adjust process map based on real time feedback, one problem-set at a time.

  • Sustain: Provide a client specific system for continous mapping, tracking, and improvement.

Value Added Services

  • Client acquisition services with Phoenyx Luxury.

  • Bespoke software solutions with Phoenyx Technology.

  • Executive coaching by vetted Leadership & Development specialists.

  • Referrals and introductions for a range of business support services.

Advisory Case Studies

  • £1.4m in potential savings identified for engineering manufacturing, with £200,000 now delivered.

  • Improvement projects with Rolls-Royce Aerospace in Singapore that reduced engine assembly time by up to 8hrs.

  • Project value cycle mapping of 160 steps across 20 functions, towards improvement.

  • Designing and implementing a specialist onboarding model for an L&D startup, and shortening this process from 6 weeks to 1 week.

The Advisory Journal

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